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CLIENTELE (band) - Grand Rapids, MI

new rock music releases
"Clientele.. truly powerful pop/rock..." - Owen Critchley 

CLIENTELE - "As You Wish"

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Clientele Band Bio

Our featured band for our new rock music releases section is CLIENTELE. A pop-rock band hailing from Grand Rapids, MI.
Formed in early 2011, the focus of the band was to produce, in as short as time possible, an album that encompassed all the musical possibilities of each member. 

The music of Clientele offers the idea of something unique in a world of cookie-cutter power-pop records. The band wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered its debut A Moments Notice in less than a month and entirely by itself.

Clientele is a band dedicated to making music for people to enjoy and take something that stays with them after they hear a Clientele song.

Meet CLIENTELE on the web:

The Kennelboys are already the most popular live band in their town, but they haven't been much of a recording band. How things change, because now they are featured here in our New Rock Music Releases section with two of their recordings: "Crazy For Believing" (listen below) and "Fly Like An Angel" (see sidebar).

new rock music releases

The Kennelboys - "Crazy For Believing"

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What made The K-boys suddenly change from a live-only act to successful home recording artists?

The answer is, The Easy Home Recording Blueprint. This astonishingly simple method showed them how they could use the equipment they already owned (a computer, a few cables and free recording software) to make professional quality home recordings quickly and easily so they weren't taking time from their thriving live gigs.

Easy Home Recording Blueprint New Rock Music Releases
A Conversation With The Kennelboys:

After they submitted their recordings they produced, following the step by step Recording Blueprint, I asked The Kennelboys what had changed for them since getting The Blueprint. Here's what they had to say:

"What we did was combine your Easy Home Recording Blueprint with the rehearsals we were doing anyway. In other words, now instead of wasting all those "run throughs" we do, we will hit the record button and lay some of them down.  

I mean... how much did we pay for the Blueprint? 37 bucks or something? Now because of it, we have a cd full of great sounding songs and we sell a TON of them at our gigs for $12 a piece. The Blueprint paid for itself in about 10 minutes!"

That's great to hear guys. It's only been a month or so since I released The Easy Home Recording Blueprint and I couldn't be happier to have such a devoted band like yours featured on our New Rock Music Releases page.

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Garageband rock music releases

Searching For Sanity - "Reasons"

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SEARCHING FOR SANITY - BAND BIO: Members of SearchingforSanity band come from different walks of life and musical influences. This mixture of ideas is behind their unique sound. The music has an 80's flair with a modern sound: definitely ROCK with edge for today's world. This is a 'must see' band live.

"We want to give a shout out to all the fans who have supported us... thank you, we can't do it without you. Also a special thanks to Owen Critchley for his Easy Home Recording Blueprint system. It is a great tool. Thanks to every one has been there for us."


IRA BASLOW - Singer/songwriter/musician

pop rock music releases

Ira Baslow - "Ready Set Go"

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Ira Baslow BIO: Variety - "...powerfully crafted and performed pop songs..."

Picture in your mind new rock music releases. Now picture a modern, tuneful blend that channels The Beatles, Elton John, and Billy Joel. Think of the high caliber of professional musicianship and well-crafted songwriting, but with a flare for today's audiences. . . and you have award-winning, venue packing Ira Baslow.

Baslow's influences range from Bowie to Bach (that's the years of classical piano training as his solid foundation.) His piano and keyboard playing is impeccable. And yet, the rock will not be denied!

He has opened for the New York Dolls and headlined rock shows both with his band and as a solo act.

Baslow is as adept at lead vocals/frontman as he is with harmony/backup singing. His versatility is perfect for your club or recording studio. In fact, you may have already seen him at some of the hottest venues in the US, including:

  • Uncle Lulu's (NYC)
  • Good Times (NYC)
  • Max's Kansas City (NYC)

License Music From Ira Baslow

With its fresh, yet familiar qualities, Baslow's original songs are perfect for your television and movie soundtrack catalogues. Whether your story is set in today's world or the 70's, 80's, or 90's, you'll find a vast repertoire to select from.

His music will set that mood you are trying to create, without the tired, predictable, and expensive results one gets using overplayed radio playlists.

Having collaborated with Ralph Moss, Eric Clapton's engineer, Baslow recorded his own material at NYC's Electric Lady Studio.

Baslow is currently writing, producing and recording in the NYC area.

More Music From Ira Baslow:

LJ COPAS - Singer/songwriter/musician

60s 70s live bands

LJ COPAS - "Delta"

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Stage name COPAS, I'm currently playing solo and duo gigs with acoustic guitars, harp and vocals. Right now we mostly play local gigs, private parties and festivals. I have a Home Recording Studio and am in the process of recording a 10 song CD. 

I've played both onstage and opened for many "Stars" and still play 3-4 times a week when it's available. We average 1-2 gigs a week right now.

This year, I am very interested in booking more festivals.

We play variety 60's-70's music and some original songs.

Booking Enquiries for LJ COPAS Click Here (ljcopas[AT]

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rock music releases Tom Lohrmann

Tom Lohrmann - "FRIDAY NIGHT"

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Tom Lohrmann - "THE ONE I'M AFTER"

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Tom Lohrmann is a Singer/Songwriter with Influences from the genres of Pop Punk, Rock, Acoustic, and Soft Rock. He is from Vienna, VA and went to school in Newport News, VA. 

His most recent large audience shows have taken place in these areas: three in Newport News and one in Washington DC. 

Now, being back in Vienna, he is performing 3-4 times a week in the DC Area at local coffee shops and clubs! For different shows, Tom either plays acoustically or with a full band. 

Regardless, he puts on a performance that is sure to be remembered. With a recent EP release on iTunes, and multiple shows booked for this summer, Tom sets out to take the DC music scene by storm. For new great music that is easy to sing along to, look no further.

TOM LOHRMANN on the web:

ALBUM: The One I'm After - Now on iTunes!

Tom Lohrmann on Facebook

Tom Lohrmann Videos

Check back soon for more new rock music releases from "Blueprinters"...

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Success Using Easy Home Recording Blueprint

  • Music licensed for use in TV series "Roadtrip Nation"
  • Song included on compilation featuring indie and major label artists
  • Song "held" for consideration for use by established Nashville artist

 The Easy Home Recording Blueprint Method:  
Quote of the Day...

"Song gets in your head. Beautifully recorded... done with emotion. I love that..."

- jim07


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