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"...because making hit-quality recordings at home
doesn't have to be rocket science."

"Preparing for The Blueprint"

easy home recording blueprint reviews

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"OMG Owen...I am on my knees in tears right now (tears of joy!!) Finally it sounds right.

You don't know how much this means to me..really. Thank you so much."

- Karlene

"Because of Easy Home Recording Blueprint, I am now armed with a home recording arsenal of knowledge, direction and power.

Thanks for sharing this very valuable information and techniques. I am inspired and 2011 looks very bright.

By the way, your Getting Heard series is masterful


"We have recently read an ebook called Easy Home Recording Blueprint

This book explains in easy logical steps how to create the best possible home recordings. Owen Critchley, Warner, Capitol, recording artist/producer explains how to get the most from your existing recording software. It does not matter which type of recording software you have.

Owen explains how to do these steps in great detail and is worth the read for amateurs and pros alike."

- 48hoursmastering.com (Exerpt from their Easy Home Recording Blueprint reviews)

The following comments are from actual music
fans after listening to songs recorded using the
Easy Home Recording Blueprint method:

"Just gets better with each listen. Flows beautifully. Nicely layered and it builds to a great peak."

- Jimm73

"Beautifully recorded done with emotion. I love that."

- tim07

The Easy Home Recording Blueprint's simple method has given "Blueprinters" the confidence to record their songs for any opportunity they are interested in.

Every week, I get to hear new music from people using the Home Recording Blueprint method and it's really something to hear what they can do once they have been given a simple, affordable method of recording that works.

Sometimes Blueprinters just want another set of ears to hear something they've recorded and get some feedback on their mixes. Or they are sending their new recordings to be included on my very popular Featured Blueprint Artist page.

Last year, Home Recording Blueprint members and I even recorded a song together...

Here's how it worked:

I recorded the basic shell of a new song and I shared the file with Blueprinters. Each Blueprinter had the opportunity to add whatever layer they wanted on their own computer. Some wanted to sing a verse or chorus, or add a guitar, a rap... or whatever.

They all were able to record their parts beautifully on their own computers using what they had learned in the Home Recording Blueprint, so adding their parts to the mix was easy for me.

Then I added my parts, mixed a few versions of the song, then I released it. It was a true collaboration with Blueprinters all over the world. You can see the full video of the process and the finished song by looking for "Owen Critchley feat. Worldwide Home Recording Blueprint Artists "Do You Stand in Love?" on YouTube.

Meet some people from around the world who use the Home Recording Blueprint method - Watch this short video:

Your Home Recording Blueprint now comes with access to 17 (and counting) step-by-step "copy me" videos

The step by step videos page that is now included with the Easy Home Recording Blueprint, just keeps growing. I've added 17 videos so far and am now beginning a new series covering some new recording and mixing techniques.

I hope you'll join us right away. It's going to be a great year for you to be a Blueprint recording artist.

Click here to get your Easy Home Recording Blueprint and get started within 5 minutes. Don't hesitate to drop me a line, introduce yourself and let me know what your goals are for your recordings.

All the best!

Owen Critchley
Warner, Capitol, recording artist/producer
Author of "Easy Home Recording Blueprint"
(Now the bestselling home recording guide on ClickBank)
and "The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard"


" Change the way you think about home recording. "

    * Instead of complicated, believe that it can be simple.

    * Instead of expensive, believe that it can be done cheaply.

    * Instead of slow, believe that it can be fast and fun.

"You really can achieve hit quality recordings at home. Monster sized recording begins with your desire to succeed... and ends with the Easy Home Recording Blueprint."

"The Easy Home Recording Blueprint"

Created especially for those of you who are ready to make pro-quality recordings easily and cheaply at home. Right away.

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Step 2.
Start making your pro-quality home recordings right away.
Easier and cheaper than you ever thought possible.

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